Today the company represents a real group: the historic GS Scozzoli cooperates with SAT, which handles technical assistance, and ARTIGIANA INOX, an artisan company which works steel.

In addition, there’s “Sale in Zucca”, a full equipped classroom for workshops about traditional and new cooking technologies.


custom-made elements in stainless steel

Thanks to Artigiana Inox, Scozzoli can solve all the problems concerning kitchen spaces through the production of furnishings and equipment complementary to the cooking line, to offer a more complete range of products.

Because of the engagement of the latest technologies (such as laser cut, press brake machines, etc..), the company is currently capable of producing bespoketables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen sinks and every other piece of furniture made in stainless steel and essential for the food service sector.


leading the market: where tradition meets innovation

Angelo Po, a company with nearly 100 years of history behind it, is market leader in the design and production of complete systems for the catering industry worldwide. From horizontal and vertical cooking lines to food storage systems, the company delivers solutions of superior quality that anticipate the most innovative trends to help chefs achieve outstanding performances.
Ecology, environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable manufacturing: Angelo Po produces equipment developed to reduce consumption, maximise performance and allow the very best kitchen hygiene standards.


quality you can rely on

Miele Professional appliances are developed by Miele engineers and the carefully selected components are largely produced in Germany and Europe. German engineering means to produce the highest level of product service life with 100% quality: long service life, low consumption of water and energy, quick and reliable work processes and dependable, durable technology.

Miele Professional appliances offer numerous intelligent functions that can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual situation. Whilst many of these processes run automatically, it is the freedom of choice in the programme settings that makes operating our appliances so quick and intuitive. Simple user instructions in our clear text displays  ensure  user confidence and safety, and answer all your questions.


intelligent commercial dishwashers

Commercial dishwashing technology involves a whole lot more than just washing dirty dishes. Everyone has their own specific requirements when it comes to commercial dishwashers, and what makes MEIKO so special is its ability to come up with the right technological solutions to meet all those different needs. From under bench or undercounter dishwashers to pass through or hood type commercial dishwashers, and from universal warewashers to flight and rack type dishwashing machines and trolley washers, MEIKO specialises in every aspect of creating clean solutions. Sparkling clean plates, spotless cutlery, and perfectly dry crystal clear glasses that no longer need hand polishing—those are the genuine tests of outstanding commercial dishwashing technology!


bean to cup machines

The coffee machines are manufactured in Germany, to an excellent build quality standard. Not only are they designed to look great – they are built to last. Customers can be assured they are investing in their future with a product that has longevity. The machines are easy to use and also easy to clean and maintain. But what’s more important is that they can produce high speed quality drinks at the touch of a button, no matter who is operating them.


professional equipment for vacuum cooking

VALKO, leader for more than 25 years in the professional vacuum packaging and vacuum cooking equipment Made in Italy, offers a wide range of vacuum sealers and a technologically advanced range of Sous Vide cooking appliances. VALKO also supplies reliable assistance to customers and do provide accessories and disposables for all machines, such as vacuum bags, packaging trays and films in different types and sizes.


smart technologies for the modern kitchens

CB is a company with more than 50 years of history behind. CB develops solutions able to minimise the waste of resources, standardise the results and enhance the quality and flavours of the raw materials used. Constant commitment to research and development ensures intelligent technologies for professional kitchens so that it may be used to its full potential.

With CB electric and gas spit roasters, chickens are consistently cooked to perfection, cooking method is uniform and delicate, thus providing meat that is perfectly tender and juicy on the inside, while being crispy and golden on the outside. Machines are available today in more than 60 different models for all needs and requirements.


professional kitchen equipment

Firex, with over 20 years of experience, is synonymous with safe, high-performance and innovative products in the hands of chefs, food technicians and teams from every nation and continent, transforming the catering kitchens into a laboratory of taste. Cucimix is a winning combination of autonomy, automation and reliability. Thanks to the mixer incorporated in the brat pan and the cooker’s feather in the cap, Cucimix is every chef’s new best friend, able to handle each process independently and simply.

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