Scozzoli since 1967

Back in 1967  Scozzoli Company took its first steps in the foodservice equipment’s market : since that moment a growing trend, which started and never slowed down, led the company to acquire a first-rate position in the sector. The reason for a so-great success lies in a mix of convincing motivations: the entire staff’s tenaciousness and passion, which are indispensable supports to the firm’s development, the will to invest continuously, essential to look to the future with optimism, and the business partnership  with the producers, Angelo Po and Miele,  two market leaders.
Scozzoli offers its customers a mix of ability and know-how, essential for the realisation of a kitchen system. The firm can also advice customers about kitchen related problems and it provides a high-professional technical assistance, which is immediate and efficient, the firm’s main strengths.